Taiwan`s Biotech Industry Undergoes Vigorous Development in Q2(2011/10)

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The biotechnology industry in Taiwan underwent significant development and advancement in the first half of the year, driven by governmental policy support, according to the IEK-ITIS (Industry & Technology Intelligence Services) in Taiwan.

The number of academic-to-manufacture technology-transfers increased, also true of international licensing, clinical development projects, partnerships and investment projects in Taiwan and especially China, with local biotech firms also going public to raise capital.

The IEK-IT IS defines the biotech sector to include sub-industries as biopharmaceutical, regenerative medicine (stem-cell treatment etc.), medical testing and inspection, fine chemicals, good biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, environment-protection biotechnology, and biotechnology/pharmaceutical services.

Official Policy Support
The Economic Committee of the Taiwan legislature amended the local patent law in April to allow patenting of flora and fauna, also adding clauses to regulate participants in local agriculture and husbandry, with such official support expected to strengthen the legal integrity of the biotech sector to encourage further development without participants』 fear of being exploited and treated unfairly.

Backed officially, the Biomedical Technology and Product Research Center (BTPRC) was inaugurated on May 18 at the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park (HBSP) in northern Taiwan, a major facility to accelerate biomedical industry growth in Taiwan, with the BTPRC under the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL) being the first of the Park`s three major sites to kick off operation. The other two planned centers include a national medical center set up by the Department of Health that will be handle clinical experiments and acute disease care; and an incubation center set up by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to integrate the links in the biomedical industry development chain.

Working in conjunction with Taiwan’s information and communication technology (ICT) sector, the three centers in the HBSP aim coordinate public and private resources to create a biomedical technology cluster for Taiwan, shepherd R&D with high market potential through clinical trials, and fast track commercialization of biomedical products.

The BTPRC will cooperate with the NARL`s other centers as the National Laboratory Animal Center, Instrument Technology Research Center, National Chip Implementation Center, National Nano Device Laboratories, National Center for High-performance Computing, as well as Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center to establish service platforms to develop biomedical electronic instrument, photoelectric image sensors, medical equipment validation and registration, photoelectric medical supplementary instrument, etc., which serve biomedical R&D teams and business sectors to create a new generation of GMP-certified, high-end biomedical devices for diagnostics, medical treatment, and health maintenance.

The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) under the Department of Health announced the establishment of the Integrated Medicinal Product Review Office (iMPRO) on June 1 this year to integrate drug-review in Taiwan as well as the testing/inspection capacity of the TFDA and government-sponsored Center of Drug Evaluation.

As of the end of June this year, some 38 private companies in Taiwan have been certified as biopharmaceutical firms as stipulated in the newly enacted 「Biopharmaceutical Industry Development Statutes,」 and will likely win more support, opportunities from government to be instrumental to industrial development.

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