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在此趨勢下,診斷檢測技術是關鍵要素,運用高準確度、高鑑別度的技術,才能夠有助於在疾病或徵兆發生初期即能被檢測出,以期能夠達成早期檢測、確定可能病因,而提出適切的預防策略的目的。 澳商Digital Diagnostics, Pty.為擁有創新電子生物檢測技術的醫療檢測產品研發公司,其於微電子與生化的突破提供無比的正確性和敏感度,並加速檢測過程以加惠患者。

該公司目前研發兩項平台技術,一為手持生物感應儀器 FibriLyzer™,該產品應用“clot-on-chip” 技術提供高敏感度,可快速檢驗血液中溶解血纖維蛋白的變化;二為個人電子奈米標記之Di-Counter™。 本組僅訂於101年2月14日(星期二)下午2:00~4:30協助該公司召開投資說明會,Digital Diagnostics, Pty.目前正積極規劃來台設立新公司,並與國內相關醫材公司技術合作,冀能利用此次來台的投資招商說明會尋找有志一同的合作夥伴及資金挹注,本說明會將由該公司總裁Dr. Krassen Dimitrov親自介紹該公司的服務、產品、技術、公司營運計畫與未來展望,歡迎各位先進共襄盛舉並蒞臨指導! 該公司之英文簡介內容如下:

Digital Diagnostics, Pty. :
Digital Diagnostics, Pty. is developing products for medical diagnostics, based on a new technology for electronic biodetection. This breakthrough at the boundary of microelectronics and biochemistry enables near-patient testing with unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity, to speed the diagnostic process and deliver better patient outcomes.

Market Opportunity:
Near-patient or point-of-care (POC) diagnostics is being driven out of increased demand for faster access to analytical information than can be provided by a central laboratory.
For 2009 global POC testing revenue was estimated at US$15.5B, dominated by glucose testing and home pregnancy testing. While central laboratory testing grows at ~2% p.a., the POC market is growing at ~11% p.a. This has made the attractiveness of POC market to be well-understood and accepted by the investor community. Nevertheless, POC penetration is restrained by the requirement for comparable analytical performance to central laboratory procedures, which creates a unique opportunity for innovative technologies.

Products: Digital Diagnostics is developing two product platforms based on its novel technology:

FibriLyzer™ is a portable biosensor device for rapid assessment of fibrinolytic activity in blood. It employs proprietary “clot-on-chip” sensors, which allow highly sensitive electronic measurement of fibrinolysis.

Di-Counter™ is an electronic counter for individual molecules, which are tagged with proprietary nanolabels.

Market Targets:
Our products address diverse markets segments throughout the healthcare system.
Personalized Medicine: dosage personalization and therapeutic range maintenance of pharmaceuticals.
Pre-hospital emergency care, ERs, and ICUs: rapid diagnosis of thrombotic events; acute cardiovascular episodes, sepsis progression monitoring.
Operating Rooms, Outpatient Surgery Centers: fibrinolysis control in bleeding.
General Practices: routine diagnostics in physician’s offices of common disorders such as hypothyroidism.
Global Health: rapid, sensitive, and accurate diagnostics and surveillance of infectious disease.

Competitive Advantage:
To compete in the fast growing POC market Digital Diagnostics will rely on the unique advantages of its technology. Digital quantification of individual molecules has been recognized as the “gold standard” in accuracy and sensitivity. While several companies pursue the development of POC diagnostics devices, there is no other company in the world developing single-molecule based digital approach. This represents a major competitive differentiator for Digital Diagnostics, giving prospective investors unique opportunity in the POC market.

Principal: Dr. Krassen Dimitrov Founder, CEO
Dr. Dimitrov is a pioneer of single-molecule labelling and detection. He is the Founder of NanoString Technologies Inc., which he started to commercialize his technology for highly multiplexed single-molecule detection. NanoString has raised over $67 mln., sells Dr. Dimitrov’s system to premier research labs, and has a breast cancer prognostic test currently in clinical trials. As Group Leader at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Dr. Dimitrov developed the Digital Diagnostics platform for electronic detection.

指導單位: 經濟部工業局
主辦單位: 經濟部生技醫藥產業發展推動小組 / 財團法人生物技術開發中心 / Digital Diagnostics, Pty.


時 間:101年2月14日(二) 14:00~16:30
地 點:小組會議室 (台北市南港區園區街3號F棟17樓A室)
聯絡人:李彩月 (電話: 02-2655-8133 ext 113)
信箱 annylee(at)biopharm.org.tw


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