Si2C將於7月16日假新竹生醫園區研發大樓國際會議廳辦理 “2015 Global ecosystem for innovative medical devices industry symposium” 國際研討會 (7/16)

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Aim of symposium


Launching of Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park (HBSP) ushers in a new era of accelerating the commercialization of the medical devices and establishing a science-park-based ecosystem in Taiwan. With all key resources eventually under one roof, this ecosystem will facilitate academic teams and start-ups alike to accelerate the realization of their innovative ideas and products. In addition, this ecosystem will provide an ideal platform for communicating internationally with other similar ecosystems and bring in experts to share invaluable experience in medical device development, commercialization and globalization. With the inaugural symposium including inspiration talks and simulating panel discussions by renowned and experienced international experts, we hope HBSP will help promote Taiwan as part of a global ecosystem and powerhouse in developing and commercializing innovative medical devices.


Date & Location


Date:16 July, 2015 (Thursday)




Venue:International Conference Hall, BTPRC, HBSP /


Address:2F., No.8, Sec. 2, Shengyi Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan (R.O.C.) /
新竹縣竹北市生醫路二段 8 號 2 樓


Traffic: please visit Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Website:



本活動採免費線上報名,即日起開放報名,名額 200 名, 額滿截止。





8:25 高鐵->生醫 (北上建議車次1510次 08:13到、南下建議車次1615次 08:20到)
8:40 高鐵->生醫 (北上建議車次0608次 08:26到、南下建議車次0617次 08:31到)



Professor Peter Fitzgerald、
Mr. Ron Riesenbach、
Professor Arthur G. Erdman、
Professor Richard Shau、
Dr. Augustine Lien、
Professor Yoshiyuki Taenaka




Supervised by:


Ministry of Science & Technology – Department of Life Science



Instrument Technology Research Center of NARLabs Supra Integration and Incubation Center

Co-organizer :


Science & Technology Policy Research And Information Center of NARLAbs Industrial Technology Research Institute



台灣生技整合育成中心 蔡智華 小姐 聯絡電話:03-658-8760#2112








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