Regenerative Medicine Crossroad in Tokyo #8 (RMCR#8)(7/9)

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活動名稱: Regenerative Medicine Crossroad in Tokyo #8 (RMCR#8)

日期: 2018年7月9日(星期一)

地點: Nihonbashi Life Science Building, Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan



  1. 公司/技術/產品口頭發表
  2. 一對一媒合
  3. 會後交流


報名期限: 2018年525(星期五)


預計發表廠商數: 3~6 家

日方出席人員: 50~100 名 (來自再生醫學/細胞/基因治療各領域之專家先進)



森 冬比谷 先生(Mr. Fuyu Mori, RMCR Organizer) (


生醫推動小組承辦窗口: 楊宗翰 先生 (02)2655-8133 #110

As one of the global partners, we would like to help promote the following interactive event arranged by FIRM (Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine) in July. FIRM has just launched its speaker recruitment process for its eighth partnering event, of which the details are delineated as follows.


Regenerative Medicine Crossroad in Tokyo #8 (RMCR#8)

scheduled on July 9, 2018 (Mon.)


The event is meant to provide a “speaker’s corner” for those who seeks partnerships with Japanese companies for the purpose of developing product candidates in their pipelines or their promising technology seeds in Japan.

We consider, however, attempts of any parties to merely promote their own products, commodities or services are not suited for the event’s characteristics.

More details can be found in the attached flyer, which is accompanied with the Preliminary Registration Form (PRF) as a separate file.

The event’s outline is as the followings:


Title of the Event: Regenerative Medicine Crossroad in Tokyo #8 (RMCR#8)

Date: July 9, 2018, Monday

Venue: Nihonbashi Life Science Building, Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan


Event Structure:

A half-day session consisting of concurrent oral presentations and multiple one-on-one partnering meetings, along with a networking mixer at the end of the day


Deadline for the Preliminary Registration: May 25, 2018, Friday (JST)


Projected Number of Speakers for the Event: 3~6 entities

Expected Number of Audiences: 50~100 business professionals and experts from the regenerative medicine and gene/cell therapy sector of Japan


Any questions, please do not hesitate to direct them to

Mr. Fuyu Mori, RMCR Organizer (


BPIPO’s Contact: Mr. Calvin Yang, 886-2-2655-8133 #110


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